See yourself through the eyes of your customers

Companies that fixate on customer satisfaction survive and grow. Over the long term they have lower costs, better staff engagement, greater regulatory compliance and higher profits.

We believe that the only way to satisfy your customers is to see the world through their eyes. So we talk to your customers and forensically test the market to create a view of the world through their eyes. This is a totally unique combination of customer insight and competitor analysis.


But our greatest work and personal satisfaction comes from helping companies like yours find and keep your Golden Space, a unique competing space in the world. A place where your company serves its customers distinctively from your competitors. We want to work with you to find that space.

It is that simple.

For over a decade Consumer Intelligence has worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Our customers include Banks, Insurers, Retailers and Media Organisations.

Within those companies we work with:

bullet Marketing teams

bullet Insight functions

bullet Compliance and legal functions

bullet Pricing Teams

bullet Product development functions

How can we help you?

Accurate, reliable, timely, actionable insight that will help you exceed your business objectives and gain competitive advantage.

What's different about us?

You have access to a unique combination of market and consumer information and expertise. This is mined and analysed - with the key actionable areas highlighted - to give you the steps needed to help you succeed.

Think about it. How valuable would it be to have an intelligence facility where you can find out about the market, your competitors, your customers, what consumers actually like, dislike and seek out? That’s where we come in.

Knowing where you stand against your competitors and what consumers think is a compelling combination that can shape your product development, pricing, marketing and customer service offering. It gives you real competitive advantage. It has helped us create more profit and growth for some of the world’s biggest companies over the last decade.

We love a challenge. Put us to the test. Tell us what you want to know or give us a key goal and we’ll investigate. There is a good chance we may already have the answers but, if not, we’ll find them.
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Do you want to work with an amazing, dynamic and diverse team of individuals that’s changing the way that companies think about their customers? We’ve just been confirmed as an outstanding place to work by our existing team and we’re always looking for great people to join us. If you do, you’ll find that we expect a lot of people. You’ll be expected to develop and build on the role you’re hired to do and make a significant contribution to the business, not just in your specialist area but collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver exciting insights and game-changing solutions.

What can you expect in return? Autonomy, personal growth, a focus on results not time spent in the office, a great team of colleagues working alongside you and managers who will enable your achievements rather than getting in your way. If that sounds like the kind of place where you’ll thrive, then get in touch.

Send your CV and an email/note/letter/video telling us what you’ll bring to the team to.

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